Tired of Waxing? Try a Ceramic Car Coating & Paint Protection.

Let the pros protect your car in Meridian, ID

Keeping your car beautiful doesn't have to involve constant hard work. With a ceramic car coating from Crown Auto Spa, you can help protect your vehicle and make it easier to clean. Our car paint protection will chemically bond to your car's paint, creating a durable surface that looks amazing and protects from ultraviolet rays, tree sap, bird droppings, air pollutants and acid rain. Installation is simple:

  • First, we'll strip any wax or sealant and provide paint correction services
  • Next, we'll remove any contaminants and wipe down your vehicle
  • Then, we'll carefully and evenly apply the ceramic car coating
  • Finally, an infrared curing process will make sure the coating bonds properly

Find out more about our ceramic coating in Meridian, ID, right outside of Boise when you contact us today.

Keep your interior in good condition

Want to help your interior last as long as possible? We can also coat your interior. Whether you have cloth, leather or plastic seats, you can protect them from stains, UV damage, fading, cracking, ripping and tearing. Your interior will also be easier to clean so you can keep it looking its best with less effort.

Get interior coating or car paint protection services by calling 208-843-8366 today.

Base Coating Prices

Please keep in mind these prices are only an estimate for an average vehicle. This will include a single stage paint correction, if more paint correction is needed before the application of your selected coating, the price will be adjusted accordingly. Please contact us at 208-843-8366 to get an exact quote, and schedule your appointment.

Three year coating: $799

Five year coating: $999

Seven year coating with nationwide compliant warranty- includes all glass/trim/wheel faces: $1,299

Interior and engine bay detail w/ purchase of coating: free with this month's special

Seven year interior coating (warranty available on vehicles with model years newer than 2015): $749