Bronze Detail

The bronze detail package is perfect for any vehicle that is already in good shape, but needs that off-the-lot shine. A bronze detail will leave your car looking clean and shiny, the right way. We do not use any harmful chemicals or supplies that will leave scratches and swirls behind. We dedicate the time and patience to every vehicle to get all of those hard-to-reach areas that a normal car wash would miss, including in between wheel spokes, door jams, rocker panels etc.

For a bronze detail, we will perform the following services:
-Hand wash and dry
-Carnauba Wax
-Hydrophobic sealant on all windows
-Wheel cleaning and brake dust removal
-Tire and rubber/plastic trim shine


Silver Detail

The Silver Detail package is a great compromise between our bronze and gold packages. This package will include a full interior and exterior detail, during which we use non-toxic and non-harmful chemicals to get your car looking new again. We use a steam cleaner to sanitize and clean all of your carpets and seats, and remove most "smells". During a silver detail we will take the time to clean in between and under every seat, clean every nook and cranny, and leave your interior looking fantastic, instead of just coating everything to make it look shiny. This is a long-lasting form of cleaning that is guaranteed to make your car more comfortable for you and your passengers. On the exterior, we will perform the same process as our bronze detail, with a polish to your paint before we wax it. This will help your car really shine and turn heads while you drive down the road.

Services provided during the silver detail:
-Hand wash and dry
-Carnauba wax
-Hydrophobic sealant on all windows
-Wheels cleaned, grease and brake dust removed
-Tire and trim shine
-All windows cleaned (inside and out)
-Dash, console, and gauges/vents cleaned
-Plastic cleaned and shined
-Leather conditioned where applicable
-Door jams cleaned
-Chrome polish (exhaust tips, wheels, trim etc.)


Gold Detail

The Gold detail package is perfect to get any car show-ready. During a gold detail we will perform the same interior service as our silver detail, including steam cleaning your seats and carpets and reconditioning any leather. On the exterior, we will hand wash and dry your vehicle, remove all grease and dust from your wheels and wheel wells, and begin correcting your paint. This will include a clay bar to remove surface contaminants, followed by buffing to remove light scratches in your clear coat, and finally a thorough polish to bring out the brilliant shine your car had when it was brand new, followed by a long-lasting polymer wax. During the exterior portion of this detail, we will power wash your under carriage to remove all of the harsh debris and salt your car has collected from the roads, in order to prevent rust and damage to parts. We will also thoroughly clean and degrease your engine bay. This service will leave your car looking brand new, from bumper to bumper, road to roof.

-hand wash and dry
-hydrophobic sealant on all windows
-wheels and wheel wells cleaned and degreased
-tire and trim shine
-vacuum all interior
-steam clean carpets and seats
-all windows cleaned inside and out
-dash, console, gauges and vents cleaned
-plastics cleaned and shined
-chrome polish on all trim including wheels and exhaust tips
-clay bar treatment to remove surface contaminants
-buff paint to remove scratches in clear coat
-thorough polish of all painted surfaces
-long lasting polymer wax
-hydrophobic sealant on all painted surfaces
-engine bay degreased and cleaned
-undercarriage degreased and power washed