Get Rid of Unsightly Scratches and Imperfections

Set up car paint correction & scratch repair services in Meridian, ID, right outside of Boise

Restoring your scratched car doesn't have to be complicated. But you want to make sure you end up with a great look that lasts. Don't settle for an auto shop that will simply hide scratches with thick wax coats and compounds. Turn to Crown Auto Spa for professional car paint correction services.

We take the time to provide proper car scratch repairs in Meridian, right outside of Boise, ID. You can rest assured that scratches, swirls and imperfections will be removed and that your car will look brand-new again. Schedule car paint correction services by calling us today.

Protect your paint for a look that lasts

After going through the effort of fixing your paint, you don't want to end up with new scratches as soon as you drive off of our lot. Fortunately, you can protect your vehicle with our effective ceramic coating. You'll appreciate that...

  • Ceramic coating will help prevent your paint from fading
  • Your paint will be more durable and less likely to scratch, peel or chip
  • Our coating will make your car easier to clean and keep beautiful
Combine car scratch repairs with our durable ceramic coating when you contact us at 208-843-8366.